So who are OMISHIP?

OMISHIP is a Logistics company offering a variety of specialist services.

They are a small company but because of this are specialists in their field and provide the desirable reliability that is hard to find in its sector. The team priding them selves in the combined 60 years experience of the transport industry their company ethos is focused on customer service and always insure the value of there service is noticed. Find out more below.

What do they do?

OMISHIP Logistics offer freight forwarding, container inland, container specialist and HIAB services and have many resources in all areas. Located in South Wales and Swindon they have a solid start and plans in motion to build a strong infrastructure for their existing and new clients for the years to come. They are also working closely with our MOBI brand to better each others services and make them stand out from any completion in their sectors.

Check out there website to find out more of everything they offer or give us a call to chat to our friendly team on 02922670777.